Chateau Grey

The knots are filled with a harmless ecological filler and sanded afterwards for a smooth finish.

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Harfa Natural

The cross-wise cuts are grooved in the surface with great care to give Harfa many emotions

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Karel IV Smoked Natural

Every board has a high quality oil finish and gives it an exclusive and individual look

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Kolonial Stone Grey (left)

Comes with a wire-brushed structure to offer a harder surface

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Pelgrim Smoked White

The Pelgrim floor with its aged look is one of ESCO specialties and popular throughout Europe

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Soft Tone Dark Orchid

Soft Tone is produced specially for you to get into a relaxed mode.

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Specialising in the supply, installation and restoration of wooden flooring throughout Lymington, New Forest, Hampshire and Dorset.

Offering a selection of Hardwood and Softwood flooring. Choose from a range of distressed, traditional and modern finishes. Carefully selected from various suppliers known only for their quality and attention to detail.

Our Installation teams are more than just floor layers, they are carpenters and joiners who use the both traditional and modern installation techniques and who are only satisfied with the using the best quality materials.

Please ring to talk to us, we would love to discuss and help with your future flooring project.