Chateau - Natural
Chateau - Natural white
Natural white
 Chateau - Cognac
 Chateau - Black
 Chateau - Basecoat
 Chateau - Washy grey
Washy grey
 Chateau - Tobacco

The knots are filled with a harmless ecological filler and sanded afterwards for a smooth finish. The original Polyx Hardwax oil adds the finishing touch. Our Chateau is available in many colours, widths and high-quality styles.



Kolonial - Gotic
Kolonial - Natural white
Natural white
Kolonial - Natural
Kolonial - Smoked natural
Smoked natural
Kolonial - Smoked tobacco
Smoked tobacco
Kolonial - Smoked white
Smoked white
Kolonial - Stone grey
Stone grey
Kolonial - Washy grey
Washy grey

Our “Kolonial” series comes with a wire-brushed structure and therefore offers a harder surface.




Pelgrim - Washy grey
Washy grey
Pelgrim - Stone grey
Stone grey
Pelgrim - Smoked white
Smoked white
Pelgrim - Smoked tobacco
Smoked tobacco
Pelgrim - Smoked natural
Smoked natural
Pelgrim - Natural
Pelgrim - Natural white
Natural white
Pelgrim - Double smoked black
Double smoked black

The Pelgrim floor with its aged look is one of ESCO’s specialties and popular throughout Europe for over 15 years. The knots are filled and oiled to achieve a 100 year old look. Damages and aging marks complete the old appearance.




Harfa - Double Smoked Black
Double Smoked Black
Harfa - Natural White
Natural White
Harfa - Natural
Harfa - Smoked Natural
Smoked Natural
Harfa - Smoked White
Smoked White
Harfa - Stone Grey
Stone Grey

Design manufactured boards in Rough-sawn, the cross-wise cuts are grooved in the surface with great care. In combination with the many styles and colours Harfa has many emotions. Like most Esco products, the Harfa is finished with the original Polyx Hardwax oil so that the quality you expect and wish is guaranteed.



Karel IV

Karel IV - Smoked white
Smoked white
Karel IV - Smoked natural
Smoked natural
Karel IV - Olive green
Olive green
Karel IV - Mustard grey
Mustard grey
Karel IV - Ebony black
Ebony black
Karel IV - Dark grey
Dark grey
Karel IV - Antic
Karel IV - Swamp oak
Swamp oak

Karel IV. really is something unique within our product range. Every single board receives a high-quality hardwax-oil finish and therefore an exclusive and individual look. Karel IV. looks 300 years old and is extreme in style and dimension.



Soft Tone

Soft Tone - Wheat
Soft Tone - Dark Golden Rod
Dark Golden Rod
Soft Tone - Dark Orchid
Dark Orchid
Soft Tone - Dim Grey
Dim Grey
Soft Tone - Light Cyan
Light Cyan
Soft Tone - Light Slate Grey
Light Slate Grey
Soft Tone - Sea Shell
Sea Shell
Soft Tone - Thistle

”Soft” as a feather, produced specially for you to get into a relaxed mode. Soft Tone has its own identity in style. The colours are a combination of hand-craft staining and colouring. Finished with the Original Polyx Hardwax oil. Ready-to-install and easy to maintain.





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